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What are Consignment Events?

Consignment Events are......

....in one word....amazing! Sellers register at their favorite local sale event, price their items, and drop them off. The sale event arranges all sellers' items just like a retail store and sells them over a weekend event. Shoppers can choose from thousands of items they are looking for in one place, under one roof. There are an estimated 1200 consignment events throughout the United States that operate by this model. The large majority of these events focus on selling kids' items only, but there are also specialty events for plus size or boutique items only. Consignment Events can be organized by non-profit entities such as a local moms club or church, or they can be run as a for-profit company, independent or a franchise system, as a small business. 

The benefits of a consignment event are multi fold. Sellers can clean out their closets and sell their items in one spot. They usually receive payment of between 60%-70% of their sold items, and have the option to have their unsold items returned to them or to donate them to a charity. Instead of sitting in their own garage for a garage sale, hoping for shoppers, or posting items one by one on Buy/Sell/Trade groups online, their only "work" is to get the items ready and drop them off. All the selling and advertisement is care of by the sale organizer.

Shoppers love these pop-up events because they provide a huge opportunity for bargain shopping. All in one place, these events have from 50 sellers to 5000 sellers, all under one roof, all neatly organized. Instead of checking Buy/Sell/Trade groups constantly for deals or scouring garage sales each weekend hoping to find the one item you are looking for, here the shoppers can often choose from multiple items from different sellers and choose the one that works best for them.

And let's not forget the charities involved in these sales as well. Even if the sale itself is a for-profit company, sellers can choose to have their unsold items donated to a charity of the company's choice. Often these charities are small and local, providing relief to local families and extending the benefits of these sales not only to seller and shopper, but also to other children and families in the community.

As kids' items are expensive and often only used for a short amount of time, these sales really make a great connection between sellers and shoppers, providing both with a easy and convenient way to sell and buy second hand.

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It's not easy to be a small business owner in any industry. We are here to help change that.  We are an association run by members for the betterment of all members and the industry as a whole. 

Our vision is to unite independent consignment events into one large group to benefit the industry as a whole. 

Our mission is to be a resource to independent consignment event organizers, provide resources for training and advancement, establish industry standards and guidelines, encourage communication among industry owners , recognize achievements in the field,  and further the consignment event industry as a whole.

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